I design & host art workshops for kids of all ages in a variety of mediums. From ceramics and sculpture, to painting and printmaking, I strive to create an open and experimental atmosphere when making art. Through experimentation, students learn firsthand how the media behaves and they have the opportunity to be innovators in technique and style. 

The following are examples of projects completed by students in various courses I have facilitated. The students vary from grade school to adult learners, from public school and summer camps to non-profit drug recovery and domestic abuse programs. Many of the projects focus on developing a sense of personal identity, self-expression, and creative experimentation.   

These videos are examples of student projects from my Introduction to Videography course at Da Vinci Design School in Hawthorne, California. In this elective art course, students worked on hand animation projects, stop motion, and live action videos. Students learned how to manage media files, create a storyboard, film and edit video and audio using professional editing programs.