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Week 1: Reflecting & Connecting

It's been a busy week. Getting the logistics of my summer course in digital storytelling down, producing all of the content for my first week's tasks, and solving the technical challenges that inherently come with the work I do was no small feat. Accompanied by my developing role with the non-profit I work for and six days of documenting installation of the museum's next show, my week was non-stop. I took last night off to watch the Game of Thrones season finale (no spoilers here but if you also watched, let's talk!), and with the clarity that always comes with rest I can now see the connections that are forming.

Over the last week at the museum, I have been taking photos and video of the works in progress by various artists as they paint murals and complete installations. Vitality & Verve is one of the locations for the inaugural POW! WOW! Long Beach festival, where artists come to the city to paint new public murals. The artists at LBMA are an amazing group, full of inspired vision, passion, and most definitely good vibes. Each day I am seeing the artist unfold their stories, told through their painting. I am excited about seeing their progression this week, and look forward to exploring the murals with guests when the show opens later this month.

In my interactions with fellow digital storytelling students, I realized how much of an impact my experiences in the arts have had on my work in the INTE program at UC Denver. With the new focus of the arts education stardards for K-12 on developing artistic literacy, the concept of learning through social practice and critical discourse was fresh in my mind. Now, I am seeing these themes remerge in my exporation of digital storytelling, and it is as if my own story is evolving right before my eyes. This movement toward social learning and engagement is gaining momentum, and I have the forture of seeing it in practice. This week was incredibly rewarding, but it is time to get started on the next task at hand. Enjoy your day, and explore your own story.

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