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Week 2: Goodnight Moon

What an inspired week I've had. A collaborative animation in progress, new projects for We Are The Next, and let's not forget about the installation that is still happening at the museum. Oh, and I've finally gotten into a bit of a rhythm with my course work and blog writing. I'll have to admit, while I thought I had a good handle on everything this week, I realized that I forgot to post my daily create from a couple of days ago. It seems that all the projects I've been taking on lately are taking more time than expected to complete. What seems like a simple task quickly turns into a 5-6 hour project at minimum. As the summer progresses, I hope that I can improve my efficiency without sacrificing quality.

I did realize that I missed some specific questions that were meant to be reflected on in last week's reflection. In regards to my "grade" for last week, I would say I missed a couple of points due to these elements missing-probably a 7.5/10 kind of week. This week, I believe I have refined my digital storytelling practices and improved upon my feedback given to peers - we'll say this week was a 9/10. In addition to completing this week's assignments, responses, and critiques, I also have a developing network of peers forming online. Time management gave me the most trouble this week, but I really enjoyed doing some audio editing and I learned a lot about the origins of Twitter. I wouldn't say that I would do anything differently, although perhaps making a schedule of my activities at the beginning of the week would have been of help.

As I continue to explore digital storytelling through the lens of heritage conservation, I have considered a couple potential issues in relation. First, heritage conservation sounds so I must find a way to engage with and create content that inpsires an emotional connection to the related themes. I also need to consider my audience when developing blog themes. For example, adaptive reuse isn't a popular term with the average citizen, so I will need to consider the types of language I use and how accessible I am making the topic to those who are unfamiliar. Each week, I am learning, growing, connecting, and contributing the collective social mind. Now, rest and repeat. Goodnight Moon.

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