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I love nature, art, and technology, and particularly when the lines between blur. I am currently providing consulting and development services for education program development and social media/marketing for nonprofits and arts organizations. I also have worked as an Instructional Designer at the University of California Irvine where I worked directly with instructors and subject matter experts to design and develop programs and courses a variety of subject areas, including Web Design, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Diversity & Inclusion.  In my spare time I love to edit videos, play games, go hiking, and spend time with my foster kittens! If you follow me on Twitter @ladawna_leigh you'll probably see me post mostly about games, art, and education. 


I started my life-long learning journey at California State University where I studied Art Education. After taking a course on technology in the art classroom, I was inspired to continue to explore the possibilities of online learning through a MA in Information & Learning Technologies at University of Colorado Denver. Since then, I have worked to build a foundation of professional experience in the education world, from working with grade school to university students, and I've even worked with adult volunteer communities. I've worked with the public designing educational experiences as a Museum Experience Facilitator for the Long Beach Museum of Art, and with nonprofits as the Director of Education Programs for We Are The Next


For more information on my professional backround, please check out my LinkedIn profile



Hi! My name is La Dawna.

educational philosophy


I believe that making art and practicing creativity through design activities are wonderful ways to explore individual identity and make personal connections to broad, conceptual themes. These connections allow us to create experiential knowledge that we can then synthesize in our everyday lives. As a curriculum designer and a learning experience facilitator, I strive to find ways to connect the participant with relevant experiences and opportunities that put an emphasis on developing individual identity, social collaboration, and reflection. 


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