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YHS California

I created this video to document a 4-day educational retreat for high school students known as Youth Heritage Summit California. This program was sponsored by the National Park Service and Cesar Chavez National Monument to bring youth to several important sites related to the Farm Worker Movement and the life and work of Cesar Chavez. 

3 Steps to the Perfect French Press

Just how do you use that thing anyway? I made this quick tutorial to demonstrate how easy it is to french press your coffee. Trust me, it's worth it!

Public Art & Community Voices

How does the public art in your community impact your perception of the neighborhood? What public art spaces do you enjoy, and if you could create a mural what would you choose? Watch the video to see how community members in Long Beach, CA answered these questions.

Monuments of

Los Angeles

There's a lot more to Los Angeles than beaches and the Hollywood sign. Check out this video I made, featuring cultural monuments from around Los Angeles that contribute to the rich, diverse history of the region. 

LA Graffiti Girls Interviews J-Roz

LA Graffiti Girls is a blog that is documenting the lives of female graffiti artists in Los Angeles, CA. Part of a series filmed in 2011, this video features an interview with J-Roz, a musician and artist. 

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