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Flipboard: Your Personal Magazine

After a few recommendations from friends and colleagues, I downloaded the Flipboard app to check it out. My initial experience with the app was smooth-the formatting and flow of information is intuitive and and pleasing. After setting up my initial preferences, I was easily able to navigate my way toward some articles of interest. Although the articles seemed mostly news and entertainment based, I think there are some ways to use Flipboard in an educational setting. One of the amazing social options for Flipboard, is the ability for the user to curate a selection of articles from other areas on the web and create their own "boards" for contacts or followers to view. This function could be used by students to create themed boards that are shared with classmates, encouraging the student to explore an area of interest and compile research into a very visual and sharable format. I'll be continuing to experiment with the app to see what else comes to mind. Happy flipping!

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