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Life as a Researcher

What an epic final semester of grad school I've had! Alongside submitting my portfolio for graduation from UC Denver, my action research course has led me to exploring something I'm very passionate about, creative engagement on Twitch. I would never have called myself a researcher before this course. In fact, I'm pretty sure I didn't like "research". But I have never felt so engaged and invested in the process and outcome of something I've completed for academic credit. I've really enjoyed the process of crafting my research and engaging with the community, and I don't want it to end here. Can I please just be a full time Twitch researcher?

I would describe my learning in my action research course as insightful and rewarding. I've gained significant insight into an emerging media form that has strong potential for engagement and informal learning. The process has also been rewarding as I've received thoughtful feedback from my instructor, peers, and project stakeholders. I now have a research project to add to my portfolio and an enhanced perspective of the Twitch platform and community.

My learning in this course has also been transformational in my understanding of what it means to be a researcher and how essential it is to engage the community in reflective practice. My learning activities have been dispersed across multiple platforms and I've made some strong professional and personal connections with community members in the process. These connections provide a stronger learning network in environments I am passionate about and set the stage for my next ventures. I can't wait to find out what's in store next, but I sure hope it involves researching Twitch!

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