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Twitch Research Findings

Last Fall I had the opportunity to conduct a research project on Twitch. My mission? To explore the affordances and limitations of engaging with art on Twitch. Why? Because as we see our schools and communities cutting art programs due to budget concerns, less and less youth are remaining creatively engaged. Experiences with seeing and making art can be transformational, and I believe is an awesome platform for those who don't have access to art and cultural resources to remain engaged. As an art educator, my challenge is to create more opportunities for everyone in our community to see and make art.

Naturally, the growing creative community on one of my favorite gaming websites caught my attention. The variety of art activities on Twitch are impressive, and if you haven't visited the Creative section on Twitch yet, you're missing out!

Over the next few weeks, I'll feature a blog post every week that discussing a theme from my research findings. There is a full report that will be availabe after some edits are made, but it's quite long (90ish pages!).

Hopefullly these blog posts can serve as a hub for exploring some of the themes that emerged and sharing back with those who are interested in the findings. The Twitch community members I had the opportunity to speak with during my research were thoughful, insightful, and enthusiastic about art and creativity. I'll be sharing the findings and direct quotes from the online survey and the interviews in an effort to encourage the community to consider their own experiences with creativity on Twitch and reflect on how they can support this growing community. Look for my first feature blog post early next week! Sneak peak:


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