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CLOs and Effective Influencers

I recently came across survey for millenials that inquired about what they valued in a workplace. Aside from flexible scheduling and work/life balance options, they also said that company culture was also very important for them to consider when choosing a company or organization. I got to thinking about how company culture is typically defined by upper management. When I came across this article over at eLearning Mind about CLOs, or Chief Learning Officers, I realized how essential this position is in creating and maintaining company cutlure. One of the things that really stood out to me from the article was the Onboarding section, and particularly the statement that "The CLO sets the tone for the right type of employee and is responsible for getting them started." I believe that as we are designing learning opportunities we are faced with the same challenge. An appropriately designed new hire orientation or introduction to a subject is the first opportunity to set the tone for the employee/learner and should reflect the mission for the organization or group. Does the company or subject have an innovative or creative mission? The orientation/introduction should share the same message and reinforce the innovation and creativity the position will require.

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