Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter...repeat as necessary!

Keeping up with managing multiple social media sites can be a little exhausting, but it feels like a necessity to stay informed and relevant in today's digital world. I recently came across this article Cross Promoting your Facebook Page and relized that I haven't quite been using my social media sites to their fullest potential. When you manage a Facebook Fan page, every like, comment, and share on your page helps you to get more exposure and thus more likes, comments, and shares. If you create a post and your followers do not engage with it, Facebook will reduce your exposure on future posts. One way to work against this calculation is to cross-promote your social media sites, so you can increase your exposure and keep your various social media sites updated. For example, use twitter to post a teaser to a post you have on Facebook or LinkedIn. Hopefully, your twitter followers will head on over to your other sites and like, comment and share!



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