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Putting Theory Into Practice

Andreas Road, Isle of Man

As I conclude my summer course in digital storytelling, my understanding of social learning and new literacies has grown immensely. The two case studies of social learning approaches to education through media production, game based learning, and student-driven programs helped to understand how theory is put into practice. On the flipside, my own research and critique of new platforms like Twitch has demonstrated to me first hand how learning can occur in a more informal way. Now that we are reaching the end of the course, the question of how to put social learning into practice has emerged and resurfaced in more of my conversations and interactions with peers. It is one thing to imagine it, and another to do it. Particularly with the challenges of accessibility and the sometimes hinderance of institutional influence.

My weekly creative assignment helped me to understand something I think is really important when considering these challenges. Simply by participating and engaging in our own social learning, we are making a difference toward the changing tides of education practices and theory. Change doesn't have to be universal, and sometimes the best thing we can do is embody the philosophies we believe in and continue to put faith in ourselves and our peers. I am simply smitten with the collaborative story that Lisa, Susannah, Remi, Emily and I wrote. I've never written a collaborative story before, and it was a perfect experience for the cumulation of my learning trajectory at this moment.

One thing I realized I missed this week were the Daily Creates. I decided to give myself a break this week as they were no longer required, but found myself wanting to browse through them anyhow! I spent quite a bit of time browsing and didn't get very far on creating anything, but I did take the time to add new captured images to my Mapcrunch Project (see my favorite above!). I am excited about the direction my learning has taken, and I am a little sad thinking about applying to graduate this fall. UC Denver's INTE program has been an influential and motivational experience and I am proud of contributions to our shared collective mind.

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