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Collecting & Reflecting

Students and artists create collections of work that becomes a portfolio to represent their work.

My weekly creative assignment on Mapcrunch had a large part in this connection to collections. I found myself so invested in the process of finding new locations and composing screen shots, I didn't want the assignment to 'end'. After spending several days developing my collection of images, I decided that I wanted to continue this process.

Check out the page I added to my site to organize this ongoing project.

Even my critique this week related to collections. How we organize our

collections can be really important if we plan on sharing them with others. When a series is challenging to navigate, the experience can hinder the interest and motivation for exploration. As I near my time to present my work in the INTE program in consideration for graduation, I am thankful for this theme emerging in my experiences this week.

Last week was a solid 10/10 week. I am excited for what this week brings, and I am looking forward to organizing my collections and taking the time to reflect at the end of this course. I am feeling a strong anchoring of my learning this summer, and I as I approach my final semester with UC Denver I have a new appreciation and understanding of how we learn.

#storytelling #creativeprojects

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